** How to Catfishing **
with Planer Bobbers

HOW to Catfishing catfish fishing RIGĀ  using PLANER BOBBERS

How to catfish fishing rigs using The Lucky 7-11 planer bobber.
How to Catch catfish:
When Catfishing on a lake, river or pond you will need a means of deploying the planer bobber.
A good stiff fishing pole with 20 lb test line or greater is recommended. Catfish are some of the LARGEST Fresh water Fish found in most lakes, ponds and streams through out the United States. Using a lesser poundage line would probably snap and away goes your trophy catfish catch.

The Lucky 7-11 Planer Bobber is rigged for catfishing and deployed as so if you are walking the shore, you can parallel the shore line stopping periodically ( drifting) hitting all the deep holes and structure areas along the shore.

How to Catch Catfish from a boat: rig the planer bobber, let out 50 – 75 feet of line, power up with your trolling motor, then drift along the flats periodically powering up trolling motor to spread out the lines on port and stbd sides. It wont be long before a catfish is on the line. The planer bobber has a quick release mechanism as so the fight is with the fish NOT the planer bobber. It will travel up or down the fishing line while you are reeling in the BIG CATFISH!!!