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How-to catch Catfish fishing Day or Night

Catfishing. Catfish,  night time  ~ Glow in the Dark ~ Lucky 7-11 Planer Bobbers

CATFISHING tip: try controlled drift fishing using the Planer Bobber ~ Are you fishing from a boat or from the shore? ~ Lake or River?
Catfish fishing technique: use planer bobbers from shore in river current. Planer bobbers get out to the fishing hole or underwater structure and STAY THERE  You control where the planer bobber goes.

Catfishing  trick : Use live or cut bait with the planer bobber. Keep the catfishing bait a foot or 2 above the bottom. The little known fact about catfish is, they look UP to find there meal ticket. PLANER BOBBERS  enhance the proper presentation catfish are looking for and you can easily maneuver the bait in front of them . 

Planer bobbers

ANY WHERE YOU FISH , Lucky 7-11 planer bobbers can be rigged for use on your fishing pole to catch more catfish than ever before! Whether it be for BLUE cats, Flat Head catfish  or channel cats. Lucky 7-11 PLANER BOBBERS take the guess work  out of the fishing equation. 

Catfishing tips, tricks and techniques using planer bobbers. Instructions include rigging techniques, fishing tips, and catfishing tricks to land large catfish from a boat or from the shore. How to catch catfish using cut bait, shad  or stink baits.


Original Lucky 7-11 Glow Top Planer Bobber

All 3 models GLOW IN THE DARK!!

fish day or night



Lucky 7-11 7-11 “3 WAYs” Glow Top Planer Bobber
Troll with Multiple planer bobbers on each side of your boat

From a Boat or From the Shore


Super Slow Drifter ~ Lucky 7-11 SSD ~ Glow top Planer bobber

The Super Slow Drift ( SSD ) performs.

Learn all our trolling, drifting and shore line secrets. The Lucky 7-11 planer bobber comes with instructions for rigging and our favorite methods for usage. Catching that monster catfish and other trophy fish is now just a matter of  time.

 3 way planer bobber channel catfishing

+ live shad drift fishing  channelplanerbill

Catch Catfish so big

sometimes, It’s Scary!              cropped-header_planerbobber_bitosense_scary_catfish_940_198.jpg

catfish fishing  like never before

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Cat Fish catfish bass fish crappie fishing white bass ~ tips and tricks using planer bobbers.